A Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms 2023

A Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms 2023


Are you feeling lost in a sea of digital marketing jargon🌊? Look no further, the ultimate Glossary is here to be your lighthouse!

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👉Look no further, because we’ve got the ultimate Digital Marketing Terms Glossary that will make you sound like a pro in no time! Our handy guide is divided into four sections: General Marketing Terms, Paid Social Terms, Digital Marketing Tools, and Marketing Customer Segment Terms.

So grab your dictionary and let’s get cracking‼️

🔷General Marketing Terms

    • The images, video, or design created for an online ad.
  • COPY: 
    • Text, including captions used in paid ads and written content on a webpage or landing page.
  • HOOK:
    •  A tagline, slogan, or angle that grabs attention and makes an audience receptive to your message.
  • OFFER: 
    • A free or discounted product or service is given in exchange for completing a call to action.
    • Tweaks made to an advertising campaign to improve performance based on analyzed data and testing.
  • PPC: 
    • Pay-Per-Click, is a model of internet marketing where an advertiser pays every time their ad is clicked.
  • GDS: 
    • Google Data Studio, is a platform used to collate statistics and data for clients.
  • EVENT: 
    • An action on a website that can be tracked, such as form submissions or email signups.
  • LOOKER: 
    • A platform that allows you to visualize and make sense of business data with custom dashboards and reports.
  • SEO
    • Specific words are included in content to attract visitors and used in Google Ads.
  • CRO: 
    • The percentage of people who land on a website and leave without taking any action.
  • CTA: 
    • Call To Action, a button, text link, or copy that encourages users to take action.
  • KPI:
    •  Key Performance Indicator, a metric used to measure the success of a marketing campaign.
    • Testing two versions of the same element, such as a headline or image, to see which performs better in the market.
    • The page (not usually the homepage) that an ad click directs to, usually with a specific call-to-action and copy related to the campaign.
    •  A process of creating a sales lead, such as a trial subscription, ebook, or free consultation, offered in exchange for contact information.


🔷Paid Social Terms

  • META: 
    • The name for platforms owned by Facebook (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.).
    • A feature on Meta that generates a list of users similar to an existing group, such as page followers.
    • The method of approaching target users who have engaged with your site or content in a specific time period.
    • The measurement of how many site visitors take a desired action, such as making a purchase.
  • AD SET: 
    • Categories of ads that determine when and where ads will run and the audience characteristics such as location, gender, and age.
    • A link prompt that directs users toward an action or destination.
  • PIXEL: 
    • A snippet of code added to websites that track user interactions, such as a Meta pixel that tracks a user from the time they click on an Instagram or Facebook ad to when they check out on your website.
  • URL: 
    • The location of a specific website, page, or file on the internet.
    • An extension to a URL that allows tracking of where visitors came from.
  • REACH: 
    • The number of individuals an ad was delivered to.
    • The number of times an ad was viewed in total.
  • CPC:
    •  Cost-per-click, is the cost of each user clicking on an ad.
  • CTR: 
    • Click-through-rate, is the percentage of an audience that has clicked on an advertisement or emailed campaign.
  • CPM: 
    • Cost per million impressions.
  • CPA: 
    • Cost per acquisition.
  • CPL: 
    • Cost per lead generated.
  • CAC:
    •  Customer acquisition cost.
  • ROAS:
    •  Return on ad spend, typically for eCommerce clients or sites using a pixel to track revenue generated from an ad or campaign.
    • Where the ad will appear on Meta, such as the news feed, stories, or search page, which may require specific content formatting.
    • The number of times an account has seen a specific ad.
    • The learning phase of an ad’s lifespan where the ad platform is still gathering data to make recommendations, editing during this phase will delay progress.
    •  Using a Lead Generation form on Facebook to create a list of potential customers who want to hear from you in the future.


🔷Digital Marketing Tools

  • GDS: 
    • Google Data Studio, is a free tool that turns data into informative and customizable dashboards and reports.
  • GA: 
    • Google Analytics, is a free web analytics tool that helps analyze website traffic.
  • GTM:
    •  Google Tag Manager, is a tool that allows you to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more.
    • An easy way to roll out A/B testing for Conversion Rate Optimization on a website without making permanent changes to the site’s copy or design.
  • B2B: 
    • Business-to-business, companies that sell to other businesses.
  • B2C: 
    • Business-to-consumer, companies that sell directly to consumers.
    • Customers in the attention phase of the customer journey where they are gaining awareness of your ad sets.
    • Customers in the interest phase of the customer journey where they see your problem as a solution to their wants and needs.
    • Customers who are familiar with your marketing activity and become paying customers.


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