targeting the right audience

Are you targeting the right audience for your business?

Identifying your ideal audience for your business provides you with a clear vision of who is looking for products or services like yours, and will identify who you need to market for?

Knowing your target audience provides you with a clear road map of who you are talking to, and telling them what they need to hear?

?Digital marketing targets multiple demographics?

This can be the greatest advantage you get when a digital marketing campaign is being introduced. No matter how broad your target groups are, you will reach people in that category with your message

Gender, age, socio-economic status-virtually everyone is online today or can regularly connect to the Internet.

The methods used for reaching people via the internet or other digital channels are very close to conventional marketing performance. Digital Marketing has become a must for all.

But how do you determine your target audience to ensure your ads are seen by those that need to see it??

?Compile necessary data by doing surveys

?Study your website and Social media analytics

?Keep a close eye on your competition

?Be clear about what you are offering and what problems you are solving

?Create a target market statement

?Revisit your target audiences regularly

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