In today’s day and age, a vast majority of businesses are either advertising on Social Media, use influencers to promote their products or services or run their entire business from Social Media.

Some might even think that advertising or promoting on social media is for the millennials of today. That it could possibly not be good for business to hangout on pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

But Facebook has approx. 2.23 Billion active users (20% of the world’s population). More than most of the famous social media platforms. Business owners have started to realise that Facebook is the new “Classifieds” for promoting their services and products.

Let’s look at 8 effective ways your Facebook business page can turn scrollers into paying customers:

  • 1. Ditch the constant promotional posts:
  • Your page is there to promote your business and all it stands for. But is your business all about just your products or your services? Selling, Selling and more Selling? Is that it?
  • Page visitors want to see more than just products and services. Promotional or sales orientated content is not valuable to page visitors in most cases.
  • Visitors want to resonate with your company, they want to hear your company’s story and they want to know what should draw them to come back for more. Always remember the 80/20 rule: 80% value-adding content and 20% promotional content.
  • 2. Facebook Ads should only be used for promoting products and services:
  • We know this statement seems to be in contradiction of what we just spoke about in point 1.
  • But engaging ads drive more visitors to your page, and in turn, keeps visitors coming back for more. You also do not need to have a large budget to be able to run engagement-driven ads.
  • Instead of paying one large amount for one heavy ad, rather pay smaller amounts on a number of small, to the point ads.
  • 3. Invite your visitors to webinars or live videos:
  • Having live videos or webinar’s as part of your marketing strategy, helps you to stay connected with your audience. Using these live events to make announcements of new products and services being launched, keeps your audience captivated.
  • Invite experts in your field to join in with the webinars, have a live Q&A session about your products or services, the ideas are endless.
  • These live events will also create a sense of trust and awareness amongst your page visitors as they can put a face to the name, see that you are real and that you value their interest in your business.
  • 4. Don’t ignore Facebook Insights – use them to your advantage:
  • To understand your audience, you need to understand your insights. The data on your Facebook page already indicates who likes your page, when they are more likely to interact with your page, who your page has reached and the demographics of these viewers.
  • Insights or data analytics are very important to understand what your viewers and visitors want. Understand your page’s analytics and use them to your advantage – it is the key to how you attract more visitors.
  • 5. Use Facebook Polls and get feedback from your audience:
  • Conducting polls are one of the most informative ways to engage with your audience. Create a platform for your audience to have their say and to let you know what they think, feel and want. People enjoy fun and interactive polls, so why not make it fun for your audience to participate in?
  • Businesses can also give poll audiences an incentive for participating in taking the poll. But creating a poll is not just about asking something, but it is also about how you ask them.
  • Polls with words such as “should”, “would” and “who” get more comments than those that include “why” or “how”. So think about how you word your poll.
  • 6. Build a Facebook Group within your Niche:
  • Facebook groups might be considered overrated, but it can be of value to your business. Create a group within your niche where people can ask questions, raise concerns, conduct meetings and meetups and to discuss your products and services openly.
  • You will have an open door to all the answers and insights into your business’s products and services right here, in this group!
  • Did you know that having a Facebook Group, indirectly creates free advertising for your business?
  • 7. Reply to any activity on our page positively and timeously:
  • Page visitors want to interact with page owners. They want to know that someone is there on the other end of the line, and not a bot. Whatever happens on your page, reply positively and do not become hostile online.
  • Be with your customer whenever they need you. Response times are tracked and mentioned on your page, indicating how interactive you are with your visitors.
  • People respond positively to pages that interact with their visitors in a timeous manner.
  • These days, people do not want to wait for a response, so act fast and remain calm and positive.
  • 8. Analyse your competitors and keep your eye on them:
  • Being in business is and will always be a competition with the next person doing the same. How does your page rank among your competitors?
  • here are several tools on the market to analyse how your competitors are doing. For a start, analyse the types of posts your competitors are making on Facebook and how these posts are ranking in comparison to yours.
  • Use this to generate new ideas on how to make your page rank above theirs.

In conclusion, do not underestimate the tools Facebook already have available to you, to analyse and to improve engagement on your business page.