❓Ever wondered what the difference is between all these different types of posts and ads you see on Facebook❓

📌Perhaps you are new to Social Media and have started entering the world of marketing your business online, and you stumble across all these different types of advertising methods, that you are staring into the abis not knowing which ad strategy is best suited for your business

📌 Perhaps you are thinking a social media post every other day is enough to get your business noticed, so why spend the effort of creating ads

All these methods might look the same when you see them online, but there are subtle differences that distinguish them from one another, and that also could mean the difference between 10 people seeing your business vs 1000+ people seeing your business

Here is a quick overview of the differences highlighted in our Image carousels?

📍 Social Media Posts – posts done daily, weekly or however many times you see fit. These posts provide your audience with insights into your business, the services and products you offer, and who you cater for and are great for communicating with your existing or new followers

📍 Facebook Ads / Ad Campaigns – ad campaigns are planned, targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns target specific audience types and can run for a period ranging between 4-12 weeks. These Ad campaigns reach exactly the right people at the right time as set out in your ad campaign selecting criteria

📍 Boosted posts – This is one of the most confusing ad/posts for many. Probably due to the emphasis being placed on “Boost”. These posts are simply your Facebook Post with a small monetary budget added to it and reaching a slightly larger audience than a simple Facebook Post

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