These platforms are ever-growing popular platforms, and they have revolutionized the way businesses are targeting their audiences:

  • As of January 2020, the total percentage of the worldwide population of social media users were 8.7 Billion
  • Facebook has become the biggest social media platform on the internet with over 2.23 Billion users
  • Instagram has become the fastest growing social media network in the world
  • There are approx. 500 million tweets done per day, making Twitter the fastest marketing method for short and quick bursts of advertising
  • Pinterest is associated with visual pinboards and quick “Did you know” articles, leading to increased traffic flow to your website by linking your newly created Pin with a URL directly to your site
  • On average each person has 5.54 social media accounts
  • The average daily time spent on social media platforms is 116 minutes a day
  • Social Media has the ability to reach all ages and demographics
  • 78% of the world’s population are social network users, with this figure more likely to grow in years to come
  • Builds Brand Awareness

Social Media adds value in promoting brand awareness. A simple visual appealing post can increase traffic to your sites. Video marketing and branding is becoming more popular online, people want to physically see how the product works and what the brand presents and there is no better way than advertising your brand and product with video clips.

  • Visual appealing posts, sites, and adverts are more likely to attract attention.
  • Visual content is more engaging to the average social media user
  • Allows you to identify your target audience and preferred niche
  • Social Media helps you get the word out about your business
  • It allows you to add a human element to your brand which builds trust and credibility in you as a business
  • Visual content can highlight what makes your business unique
  • People who know and trust you, are more likely to share and like your business page

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