2020 has certainly brought us much to think and talk about and has also made us do things very differently from what we knew. Artificial intelligence, which was once thought of as “ridiculous” and “out of this world”, has now become the centre of normality in the digital arena✅

Marketing has certainly changed with everything that has been happening in the world and has brought on new trends to consider when promoting your business and products. Businesses need to adjust to the rapidly changing digital marketing methods if your company wants to stay competitive in today’s online environment

Here are 5 trends that will help your online business thrive and survive in this new digital age?

?Make use of Chatbots to instantly engage with your site visitors or current clients as it provides a 24hr response service

?Online users are getting annoyed with generic content that they see everywhere, so put a personal touch to your content such as personal experiences and personalized emails

?Adding videos to your social pages and websites will increase your organic reach at least 50x times

?Add high-quality images of your services and products to your website and social platforms as 62% of Millennials are more interested in visual searches

?People are scared of missing out on any new services or products and IG and FB stories, being short-lived videos, will drive engagement and traffic to your social sites based on the stories you share

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