Google receives more than 63 000 searches per second per day.

Putting this number in perspective:

➡️2 trillion searches per year

➡️3.8 million searches per minute

➡️228 million searches per hour

➡️5.6 billion searches per day

With numbers like these, listing your services just makes sense! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in the mix of all these searches?

So what is Google Business actually?

✅It is a free tool that helps businesses create and manage their business listings on Google and Google maps

✅It helps businesses attract new customers and share information about what makes them special.

But being on Google requires you to do some work on your end to make sure you show up first when people search for businesses like yours on Google;-

🔷Use geographic keywords in page titles, links, and your content strategy

🔷Claim your Google Places page

If wondering why your business is not showing up on Google Searches?

The most common issue that most businesses encounter is not showing up on Google maps – is because your Google business lacks location authority. This means that for someone to find your business on Google maps, they have to literally be standing on your premises for your business to feature

What are the benefits of Using Google My Business?

🌴It’s Free

🌴Helps Customers Find Your Physical Location

🌴Better Search Visibility

🌴Displays Useful Information

🌴Another Communication Channel

🌴Track Website Traffic and Audience

Need help with setting up your Google Business? Let us help you get the most out of your listing – contact MZS MZS DIGI today

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