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Discover hundreds of potential clients or leads with you Business Page

Your business needs a Facebook Page which will make you known all over the Globe to new leads or customers. The possibility is limitless on all potential followers to show your products or services with every post and Update you can give to them

Your Unique Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business

What is a Facebook Business page and what can it do for me?

A Facebook business page is a free web page that companies can build on Facebook to expand their internet presence. Like a personal Facebook profile

A Facebook business page can send and receive messages, post updates, get notifications, and like, comment and share other Facebook users’ and pages’ content with groups, events, display your services, showcase your amazing products, upload and share videos on what you have created or offer.

So much more what can be done and with Facebook constant updates more and more features become available…

Facebook Statistics

Facebook have more than 2,7 Billion Active Users

So Imagine 2,7 Billion people using Facebook, the possibility that Your Customers will be on Facebook is very good. Businesses who already have Business Pages said that Facebook Business Page help them in getting clients and closing Deals easier and have a better relationship with their Customers

✓ 81% of Log into Facebook daily
✓ 98% of active users use some kind of mobile to access Facebook
✓ People spend average 2 Hr 24min on Social Media and Facebook still most popular App
✓ People about 37min on Facebook at any given time in the day
✓ Facebook and Instagram Still best ROI social media platform

Why Do Business Pages Fail

Small Meduim Businesses fail with their Facebook Business Pages

Opening a Facebook Business have more than just uploading Logo and #, If you do not Setup Your Facebook Business Page correctly then it won’t work the way you intended to work. We have a list of some of the areas most Business Page fail to do

Page Banner

Not Uploading your banner and not utilise correct guidelines won’t display correctly for Mobile


Need the correct Logo dimensions otherwise on Mobile can
cause issues

Page Banner

Not Uploading your banner and not utilise correct guidelines won’t display correctly for Mobile


You need to help search engines so your page can found 


When not Selecting correct Template fas a page can cause issues in your Industry

Business Manager

Not using Facebook Business Page manager tool, can cause future problems

What can be done about IT!!!

Setting up your Business page can be a quick task at hand, but it is all about the hidden settings and designs that you might not know about, that can make difference between Your Facebook stand out and succeed, or not been noticed by anyone

Let MZS DIGI Help You

MZS DIGI team of experts can setup Your Business page the correct way

MZS DIGI has a team of marketing experts with experience on Facebook. The team knows how to create your business page the correct way. We check with you that it works correctly for your business and also must look stunning

See Below Basic Steps we will take to assist you


We will select and set up your Template 


We will create with you your username for your business


We will set up your messaging system for communication

Service Setup

We will setup up to 3 different services what you offer with description with each one 


We will add your story what you provide and ensure it is the best way telling your visitors

Business Info

We will Add Your Business Info to Your Page as per specifications


We will add your Logo and ensure it is in the correct format for all devices 

Page Banner

We will custom design your Banner with the right size in our software systems

Business Manager

We will set up your Business Manager back end for sponsored ads

Let us Get Your Page Setup and Running

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