Facebook Messenger Bot Automation

Engaged Automatically communicating with potential Customers

Communicate with potential customers who are interest in your Services or Products when you not available but help them on the buyer journey


Messenger Bot

What does a Messenger ChatBot Automation do for me and my Business?

Messenger Bot Automation is the new kid on the block where it gives you the ability to show a prospect of what you have to offer but immediately start a conversation via Facebook Messenger App.

As you know with this day and age people do not want to wait for a few hours or replay will answer in 24hr…

That’s why Messenger Bot have unlimited potentials to help your client with a journey and assist immediately with an option and even notify you that someone is waiting for chat with You as a Human and you do not miss that Lead interest

The Process

Steps what we take for your Messenger Bot Automation


We determine design by understanding the journey you want for your prospect to be taken


Your Prospect start this journey because they were already interested and this will keep them interacted


We start to understand your Leads thinking proses and give you insights to improve

Some Automations Concepts

Depends on what your journey it can get like these chat flows as below

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