Through Social media, you can be kept up to date with the latest trends as well as what the competition is up to. Knowing what your competition is up to, will tell you how well equipped you are to take them on. In theory, you can “Stalk” them on all social media platforms by simply following them. Find out where your competitors hang out, then hang out there as well. Because you can be certain of it that they are following you on all your sites as well.

To be able to know how you stack up against you, you need to know a few key pieces:

  • Number of fans/followers
  •  Frequency of posting
  •  What type of content is trending on your competitor’s sites
  •  How audiences engage with your competitors
  •  See how your competitors engage with their audiences
  •  How much own content vs shared content
  •  Use of network features
  •  Fan/Follower engagement
  •  Visit their sites, homepages, web pages and offer audiences what your competitors are not!

It is important to know that your social media marketing strategy is not a 1-day plan and execution task. Take the time to understand your market, and how your business will feature. You need to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors. You need to make your virtual footprint as unique and as identifiable as possible. Plan your strategy well. Apply your mind to conduct mini audits and surveys to completely understand what your audiences are looking for. Stay on top of platform trends and move with the time, do not get left behind