Increased traffic to sites, provides the opportunity to generate leads from visitors to your sites. Generating leads from quick subscriptions, or popup one-click surveys or freebees has become the quickest methods of turning guests into potential clients or leads. Everyone wants free things, and providing this to your potential clients, ensures they visit your sites more frequently to obtain more free products or services.

Ways to Generate Leads and Increase Traffic:

  • Create various platforms to easily identify your targeted audience
  •  Targeted audiences will show interest in ads and are more likely to visit your website, and share your content
  •  Running a contest can drive lead creation
  •  Make use of Facebook custom buttons to humanize the experience
  •  Host a hangout, webinar or live video
  •  Make use of geotargeted searches
  •  Monitor digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about your brand and industry online by using Social Listening tools
  •  Engage in social selling
  •  Build and cultivate your personal and professional networks
  •  Direct customer engagement should be a priority
  •  Deploy outbound and inbound marketing
  •  Tap into various databases to increase leads databases for specific niche’s
  •  Provide incentives for referrals
  •  “Call to action” buttons on posts provides visitors with a one-click option to your sites
  •  The more traffic you get, the more chance of converting those leads
  •  Email marketing is an ideal way of creating a potential lead database
  •  Engage in real-time two-way interaction with people, including answering queries.
  •  Make use of Lead Generating Sales Funnel tools such as Clickfunnels and Buffer to compile complete funnel data