Digital Online Marketing can be confusing. These pages are dedicated to answering common questions.

It’s the hard truth:

For most beauty business owners, you have to just “figure out” the business side on your own.No one really teaches you how to find clients, how to manage a social media page, or how to make more money. What works for marketing this year is vastly different from a few years ago.

In this FREE eBook, we’ve put together 7 “proven” ideas to help you get New Salon/Spa clients…… below;

Daily Action Plans to work on:

Step 1: Email 10-20 Clients per week – Make a list of the past 10 or 20 clients that came into your salon that were blown away by the service you provided and the work you did. Ask for a review – this way you gain a handful of new reviews and a stronger Google presence.

Step 2: Focus on Local Hashtags# – Make a list of the local hashtags like #capelife #capebeauty #capeliving.You can start off your search by looking at your competitors’ Instagram feeds and seeing which hashtags they use. Write them down in a list. Which local hashtags are local businesses using? Narrow down to 20# – use a mix of these hashtags on all your Instagram posts – will show growth in local followers finding about you for the first time

Step 3: Launch a Facebook ad with a video -introduce yourself and your salon services, inviting people into your business, and encouraging them to book an appointment. Use your camera with sound on – less than 1 min long. Create an Ad with this video retargeting your ideal clientele.

Step 4: Update your website’s title and search engine description – This is what appears in Google when someone searches for your business. Title to be short, include your business name, city and what services you specialize in. SEO description should state what you do and what’s special about you.

Step 5: Launch Killer Content on your Social Media Pages – Take 1 hour and work on educational copy about one of your services.Video talking about your products, benefits etc. Share this on your website homepage, blogs, Facebook and IG feeds etc. Use this to get clients to Know, Like and Trust You!!

Step 6: Make your Top 5 Clients your Brand Ambassadors – Check the clients you follow on Instagram, click on their profiles and see if they have a great following. (+/2000 – 10000 followers) Make a list of a few of them – Contact them to ask if they will become ambassadors in exchange for free services.

Step 7: Organise a DIY branded photoshoot – Maybe look at a place with good furnishings, your phone, a ring light. Enjoy the shoot – get into good poses and backgrounds – have fun taking the photos. Then use them regularly to promote yourself and the business as a beauty professional!!

P.S…… If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you are more than welcome to contact us or email:👇⁣⁣

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